AJB keep on supporting the good people with their movement/brand GAS'D which keeps on growing and the love keeps on spreading around worldwide! You might remember us doing "A Love Special" together with GAS'D last year which was a super dope one by the way, if u havent check out the love mix here. If ur unfamiliar with GAS'D to some exploring it's absolutly wonderful. In the video you hear the lovely vocals by Nikko Gray and beautiful art/production by Imani Waddy, Earnest Rhea, Johnny Hernandez.

Imani Waddy: "These videos are the bringe campaign to all of everything to come in GAS'D. GAS'D is moving more and more to being a huge art project. These seasons we look within. "


  1. leon  

    This is a VERY NICE tune!

    Where do people buy it?

    DJ Jamad - Fro Powah Hour

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