One of our favorite sites FLWRPT's Darien just made this crazy good sample mix out, just sit back and enjoy this smooth sounds hear what Darien himself has to say about this one! Tracklist in comment section!

Message from Darien:
Finally, I present you with my sample mix. Most of these are the originals to hip-hop and r&b songs. Some of the tracks you may have heard, some you may not have heard…but regardless, I hope you enjoy the music and get your week off on the right foot! Enjoy…


  1. Soulistic  


    1. Tom Brock – There Is Nothing In This World
    (Jay-Z – Girls, Girls, Girls)

    2. Little Beaver – Get Into The Party Life
    (Jay-Z – Party Life)

    3. Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
    (Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang)

    4.Willie Hutch – Tell Me Why Our Love Turned Cold
    (Three-6-Mafia – Stay Fly)

    5. Barry White – Ecstasy When You’re Next To Me
    (Mary J. Blige – You Bring Me Joy)

    6. The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman?
    (Beyonce – Crazy Right Now)

    7. Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa
    (Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got)

    8. Billy Brooks – Forty Days
    (Tribe Called Quest – Luck Of Lucien)

    9. Dynasty – Adventures In The Land Of Music
    (Camp Lo – Luchini)

    10. Grace Jones – Night Clubbing
    (Shyne – Bad Boys)

    11. Brenda Russell – A Little Bit Of Love
    (Big Punisher – Still Not A Player)

    12. Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You
    (Fu-Schnickens – Heavenly Father)

    13. The Inspirations – Why Marry?
    (Raekwon – Criminology)

    14. Black Ivory – I Keep Asking You Questions
    (Raekwon – Criminology)

    15. Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa
    (Jay –Z – Face Off)

    16. Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin’
    (Snoop Dogg – G’z and Hustlaz)

    17. Kool & the Gang – Hollywood Swingin’
    (Mase – Feel So Good)

    18. Annie – It’s the Hard Knock Life
    (Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life)

    19. Isaac Hayes – Hung Up On My Baby
    (Geto Boyz – My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me)

    20. Kool & the Gang – Soul Vibrations
    (Tribe Called Quest – Scenario Remix)

    21. Ohio Players – Ecstasy
    (Jay-Z – Brooklyn’s Finest)

    22. MFSB – Something for Nothing
    (Jay-Z – What More Can I Say?)

    23. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff
    (J Dilla – Keep Crushin’)

    24. Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew
    (Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation)

    25. Ecstacy, Passion & Pain – Born To Lose You
    (Mobb Deep – The Realest)

    26. Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You
    (Main Source – Just Hangin’ Out)

    27. The Gaturs – Concentrate
    (Puff Daddy – Do You Know?)

    28. Labi Siffre – I Got The…Pt.1
    (Jay-Z – Streets Is Watchin’)

    29. Labi Siffre – I Got The…Pt.2
    (Eminem – My Name Is)

    30. The Doors – Five to One
    (Jay-Z – Takeover)

    31. Stereolab – Come And Play In The Milky Night
    (Busta Rhymes – Show Me What You Got)

    32. David McCallum – The Edge
    (Dr.Dre – The Next Episode)

    33. David Axelrod – Holy Thursday
    (Lil’ Wayne – Dr. Carter)

    34. Little Boy Blues – Seed Of Love
    (Jay-Z – P.S.A.)

    35. Black Widow – An Afterthought
    (Madlib – Outerlimit)

    36. Blowfly – Outro
    (Jurassic 5 – Quality Control)

    Also, be sure to check out my other mixes here.

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