AJB got this awsome hip-hop tune in our inbox some week ago and it has been on repeat since! This is a laid back hip-hop track that reminds of that 90's tribe sound, absolutely beautiful!

This joint is acutally the first single off the Spectac & Amiri debut "Almost Famous" on HiPNOTT Records. The album drops on April 13th!

Note:What do you get when you combine two multi-talented musicians (one a former public school principal and another who makes his living working for one of the top automotive industry giants)? Well, just add the high pitched, smooth-lyrical rhyme delivery along with jazzy samples that’s reminiscent of hip hop’s Golden Era and you have the Dynamic Duo better known as Spectac & Amiri. Both artists have been in the game for some time now and after a short hiatus they’ve decided to return with their first official full length, titled Almost Famous, to be released on HiPNOTT Records.

Picture: AppleTreeCafé

Spectac & Amiri - My God


  1. amiri  

    YES!!! THIS ONE GOES OUT...!!!

    good look fellas!

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