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What's good folks?
It's been busy over here at Vinyl Meltdown, with lots of exciting new projects in the works. The first of which is "Sounds Like," an upcoming collaborative EP with Dutch producer Ivan Ice on the beats, and Canadian producer/MC on the rhymes. "Sounds Like" is scheduled for a February 23rd release, so in the meantime, be sure to check out our single, 'ze Drums.' This track is unique to the EP in that it's only track on the project to feature an outside MC, with California based C4. It's also the only track that sees Emay step out of the booth for a minute and behind the boards as co-producer. But despite being unique in some ways, it's a good representation of the unusual brand of hip hop that Ivan Ice and Emay have cooked up together for the EP.

<a href="">Ze Drums (feat. C4) by Ivan Ice & Emay</a>


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