EC|DC is one of the most interesting and talented up and coming producers. EC|DC, whose real name is Trevon, is based in Brooklyn, New York, is currently working on an EP and has several times already appeared on AJB with exclusive joints.

This time when I caught up once more with EC|DC, to see what he has coming, he sent me some fresh tracks and I knew right then that there was going to be a nice future for this talented producer. I got to hear "Dance With Me" in its early stages, and I could already tell the tracks were going to be insane. So, here we have the final versions of the tracks for your listening pleasure! The AJB EC|DC pack consists of only unreleased and exclusive joints for you! "Higher" is from his upcoming EP, so AJB also gives you a little taste of that! "Nike Affair", proves the different styles of beats EC|DC can deliver, he'll blow you away.

EC|DC will also be on the upcoming Apple Juice Break & Jus Like Music "Oscillations" record, which is going to be huge and dope - dropping in March!

Would like to give a shoutout to the designer Brain Barton for the lovely background in this cover, check out more of his work here.

AJB Xlusive: EC|DC pack. by applejuicebreak


  1. Anonymous  

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. leon  

    ECDC has a very nice approach to production. I just wish everything didn't sound so overly compressed. Keep up the great creations!

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