Apple Juice Break , Lrgr thn life & The Soul Dojo Present Midnight Vibes!

SLik's 3rd addition to the Vibes collection. Midnight Vibes is the perfect LP to throw in for the ride home after a good night of having fun or just staying up late for no reason,when you need something uptempo yet relaxing to set the mood right. Midnight Vibes will be there to help out. (Sound like a commercial huh. Haha)

Slik D Says
: This LP is about to take you on a night out crusin with some homies or a lady if you feel me. Haha. After just going to a wild party or kickback you wanna listen to something smooth and relaxing while keeping your head nodding the whole ride home kinda music. This is it. If you guys know from my Summer Vibes. I stay giving good vibes to the people. Hopefully this time around you feel me by showing everyone you know,posting to your site of any kind. Or just letting me know how you feel about the project good or bad. I got plans yall. But the world is trying to tell me something. Time for me to find out. Ill post this one more time later. Thank you. See yah this summer.

Go and get the LP now for free @ Bandcamp!

<a href="">Eleven Fifty Nine (Co Prod.Megan) by SLik d</a>


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