GB'S latest release is called GB Interprets His Contemporaries. It's a 6 song EP consisting of his own interpretations of works by friends and artists whose music has interested him. He have remixed Little Dragon, Exile, Flying Lotus, Muhsinah, A Race of Angels, and the Beach Boys. He made this batch of songs available as a free download in the spring of 2009, but two weeks ago it was released on vinyl in limited quantity. Back by popular demand, the downloadable version is once again available at his site.

<a href="">GB Interprets Little Dragon - After the Rain by GB (Gifted & Blessed)</a>


  1. c.blak always did find the good stuff! LOL I've been away for a minute but I had to come through and see what treats you have cooking on the site. Thanks for hippin' me to this project. Thanks for also inspiring me to jump in the bloggin' game. Keep em coming AJB

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