OC Notes previously known here on AJB for his production of the song 'Icing' with the two dope female artists from the duo THEEsatisfaction. Let's get to known more about OC Notes, a talented producer with a lot of dope stuff for you to hear, 'Crater Nate' is the name of a free project he dropped in Nov 09' with 35 tracks of pure listenin pleasure! Lets tune in! Check out more of his work at bandcamp.

Also word from OC Notes himself:
"I have an album coming out on itunes and amazon in january called dap confuser. You can check out a few songs at myspace.com/dapconfuser."

Download Crater Nate here

<a href="http://ocnotes.bandcamp.com/track/lavender-vinyl-ft-rik-rude">lavender vinyl ft. rik rude by ocnotes</a>


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