The swedish soul singer Stray just got us at AJB this very new track for our listenin pleasure. The track is called 'Later' ft. Vertual Vertigo which is Cerebral Vortex & Ezekiel38. Look out the for the upcomin album release from stray called 'Get On Up'. Play the sampler below!

STRAY get on up
Stray’s one of those talented dudes that can
not only sing, but also play a load of
instruments starting, at a young age, with thedrums. On the new album, Get On Up,his live drums take a bigger part of the productions, giving the album a more organic feel. The album blends diverse styles and tempos, but is prefectly binded together by Stray´s soulful vocals. It also features the rap duo Vertual Vertigo, 7:even Thirty, Erik L, Sasac, and vocalist Hanna Olsson. Get On Up! Stray (Mattias Axelsson) released his critically acclaimed debut album Here To Stray in 2007. It was supported by DJs like Gilles Peterson, Ennio Styles, Unabombers, Raw Fusion’s Mad Mats and Jazzy Jeff. The album not only UP featured cutting-edge soul music but also GET ON proper songs with the hooks you love to nod your head too. Stray and Erik L´s group Favorite Flava recently relesaed their praised debut album Different Phase on Ubeat records (Jay Scarlett/Onur Engin). Also look out for PSaul, the new project with Paul Mac
Innes, which Stray is producing.

Stray - Later ft. Vertual Vertigo

Stray - Get on up album sampler by strayproduktion


  1. Anonymous  

    Dope shiet!!

  2. Anonymous  


    also check stray and vertual vertigo on the newest VERT LP "Sparkies Bungalow"!!! dopness!!

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