On the eve of the feature film "This Is It" we're launching the "He's The King, I'm The DJ" mixtape project. We are honored to have loaned our influence to the latest creation by Philadelphia legend, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

By blending popular favorites and rare gems- Jeff has masterfully created a new and exciting tribute mix that honors the King Of Pop. The music takes listeners on an emotional journey by opening with slow grooves like "Lady in My Life", followed by a smooth transition into more uptempo classics. Also included in the mix are exclusive remixes by Jeff!

UNDRCRWN was on board to add our signature caricature style to the mixtape cover art. Clever, nostalgic and from the heart- the artwork inspiration comes from the iconic Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith album "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper."

If that isn't enough to win you over, we're also selling a limited edition UNDRCRWN x Jazzy Jeff t-shirt.

Download "He's The King, I'm The DJ"


  1. cruziiie  

    thanks for posting this!
    tees & mixtape now available.


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