It's been a minute since we posted a MondayJazz session on AJB but they are back this time with a mix by Roman Vorkuta! Russian hip hop hmmm...Stream it below / Download!

One of the portals actyvists - Roman Vorkuta was asked to introduce us to the unseen side of russian instrumental hip-hop scene and as a result in a form of mix No. 104 delivered a whole epic that exceeds the primary question.
In quite a long mix there were put together works by the residents of the Russia's farest corners, representatives of Estonia's russian scene, a misterious character from Kazakhstan. Most of the participants have distinguished themselfs in a underground scene both as music makers and as labels coordinators, artists or members of united projects. That's why every tracklist's position is worth to be checked further.
Musical core of mix Kandinsky Repercussion twists around instrumental hip-hop with a lean towards kindred or related areas. You can find in compilation plenty of deep or glitchy beats, jazzy or electronic motives, samples from the movies, meditational rithms and ezoteric sounds.
So a whole bunch of unheard material, which is definately worth not to be classified as such.




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