Since our mix got featured at we decided to make little re-up for those who havent checked out this very awsome mix made by AJB.

We at AJB joined forces with the wonderful GAS'D people to celebrate good music & that LOVE IS REAL. This mix was fully put together by AJB & it features the great minds of GAS'D people such as; Nikko Gray, Afta-1 & Chris Young. The GAS'D foundation is much loved by Apple Juice Break & we wanted to make this time's podcast something special for you. On this travel you get you'r mind set on ease through a love journey - Chilled out, Soul, Rap, Down Tempo... this is a 34 minute long podcast with also one track cooked into an AJB remix - ▲❍▼❏

Thanks to everyone who supported this mix! Vinylmeltdown, Musical Shizophrenia, Mixcloud,GAS'D, Sticky Sugar Shack,Crate Mag & more!

Download it here.


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