AJB features this lovely lady named Rox from the UK as she just put out this soulful, chilled-out new song called 'Sad Eyes'. Give it a lisent and let mesmerize you!

About herself:
Growing up was an interesting one for me; being brought up in a household full of people, food and music had to have some sort of affect. Every family gathering would usually end with all the older generation singing old gospel country-esque songs, with about 10 different harmonies! From the age of about 5, I remember being completely obsessed with harmonies and how they could colour a melody. My mum would often encourage me to sing the alto line and when I'd slip into the main melody, she'd put me back on the right track and make sure I stayed there! It sounds weird, but that helped me in loads of ways and has given me an ear for harmonies, chords, melodies and music in general. Although my tracks may differ in genre, harmony will always play a massive role in my music... As well as having the gospel influence from my mum’s side, my dad opened up a whole different world to me; SWV, Sade, Mary J, Boyz 2 Men, Alfonzo Hunter, Rakim, Guru, Chubb Rock...

My sound has evolved over the years and it’s continuing to grow everyday... I don't want to label it as anything, not because I can't, but because I'd rather you'd make that choice yourself... So that's me I suppose, there's so much more I could say, but I won't as you've probably fallen asleep by now.

Rox - 'Sad Eyes'


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