Announcing Child (Refugee), the first official single from Canadian MC/Producer EmAy. The song is based on young soldiers that have been driven away from their homes due to civil war and poverty. The release is in partnership with and Judgemental Music. The track, along with acapella and instrumental versions, is available for free via bandcamp. We will however be accepting donations that will be sent directly to Unicef in order to combat the issues presented in the track. The .mp3 and single cover are attached for convenience.

Emay (born Mubarik Adams) is a young producer and MC residing in Ontario, Canada. He's best best known for his work with artists such as Sene, Co$$, Chris Faust (formerly known as Print), or from his debut remix project entitled Altered Dynamic Dimensions. Emay is currently collaborating with Blu, Kenn Starr, and Wax and EOM, as well as working on some solo endeavors.

<a href="">Child (Refugee) by Emay</a>

Download here!


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