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Somehow in recent times mixes of Lithuanian production occurs not often. To correct this mistake – mix Look Mom It’s Monday! by the national dance halls champion and olympic turntable wrecker – Dj Mamania.

As can be expected from multiple Lithuanian DMC competitions winner, at first attention is captured on the technique. A number of thematic samples, scratches, extracts from various tracks, imaginative transitions and other technical Dj’s tricks. On the other hand, it can be said that main trump card in this mix is it’s tracks and their selection. Listeners who like looking into origin of tunes sounds will find space for studying in this compilation, because there are lots of tracks in it, that became sample donors for many hip-hop hits. Plenty of old funk, soul, a bit of jazz, some newer hip-hop. Structurally mix is quite moderate but not homogeneous. Sometimes you won’t even notice switch from uptempo rap to melancholic jazzy groove and vice versa. Moods again – here is a party and afterparty at the same place. Yet somehow main features of mix character can be identified as certain sensuality, nostalgia, maturity and tenderness.
So a solid and versatile statement from a veteran.

DJ Mamania Look Mom It's Monday



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