After a migratory existence; living in Baltimore, Lagos, London, New York and more recently San Francisco, British born Singer, songwriter and producer, Siji has emerged bearded and now based back in New York, and in contrast to his newly acquired American permanent residency, with his most African inspired record to date.

The new album, ADESIJI, which features collaborations with noted DJ/Producer(s) King Britt and Rich Medina,is a mesmerizing "fusion of soul, jazz, highlife, gospel and traditional African folk rhythms". But, this album ventures deeper into the classical African 6/8, polyrhythmic groove. This is what defines the album and makes it stand apart.

“My self-titled sophomore album 'ADESIJI', is a full portrayal of where I currently stand as an artist and human being and the experiences that have come to shape my character. A few of the songs are about the current war, the environment, my yearning to take a closer peek at my ancestral homeland (Nigeria), where I grew up in as well as the spiritual side of my roots".


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