Not to be classified as an ordinary mixtape or producers beat CD, Orchestration is unparalleled. Created on the premise of an orchestral score, producer REL and DJ Haylow collaborate to bring you a truly unique interpretation of Hip Hop instrumentalism.

The Orchestration project contains over 30 instrumentals produced solely by REL, who displays a range in sound that is distinct and can be appreciated by any music aficionado.
DJ Haylow has an extensive mixtape catalog, but he approached this assignment from an unfamiliar angle.

Playing the role as the "conductor", Haylow blends, tweaks, and manipulates REL's production to give the Orchestration project a cohesive refinement that is worthy of it's own musical genre.
With REL as the arranger and DJ Haylow as the conductor, Orchestration is the contemporary model for Hip Hop instrumentation.

<a href="">Grand Entrance by REL (Mixed by DJ Haylow)</a>

Download it here


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