New track by the Cleveland based group Keyel, with a production by fLako - A chilled out hip hop track for a Sunday...lisent. Via Moovmnt.

For years hip-hop culture has been the voice of young people. Through style, dance, art, and music hip-hop has pushed forward and evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. As of late it seems that the game has given birth to a generation of emcees that have forgotten hip-hops roots. KEYEL not only remembers but embodies the art. KEYEL is a group of emcees, and a Dj who shared a common outlook on life and hip hop music, and came together in a time where music as a whole began to change. Hailing from the mid western city of Cleveland, Ohio; they follow in the path of hip-hops greats such as Slum Village, J-Dilla, Common, and Blackstar. With innovative production, thought provoking lyrics, and fresh sense of style, KEYEL is guaranteed to get heads nodding all across the world. Real hip-hop is back. PS, Prose, Dj ESO, and Holy are KEYEL.


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