We at AJB recieved this dope mix from the one and only Inko & was asked to join forces on this one. We are proud to present this dope mix by Inko, let's hear out some words from himself -

when i did this mix i had a selection of tracks in mind then the it got late and mood def changed into something completely else from what i was thinking to do. it definetly got darker and deeply vibes than the ones i got in mind when i started. Different mix tho, different in the way that cats migth recognize some names but the tracks are running into some other galaxy. This one is def not the type of mixes going on nowadays. Hope you enjoy the trip.

From southamerican psychodelia to newyork basement's, through santo domingo streets to uk's postpunk , from hollywood sunset blvd to french's galaxies.


1 - Astrogator on bridge- star trek tv soundtrack effects from the 70's
2- Planeador- Soda Stereo
3- regalo- prefuse73
4-more sugar- denim
5-hello my future- machinedrum
6-cold pillow- theophilus london (prod by ruckazoid)
7-hollywood sunset - barry adamsom
8-fastlane-king geedorah
9-edipo - cohoba
10-back to the universe pt 1 - dimlite
11-bobble- para one
12-this charmin' bolero - inko
13-wlta- teebs
14-ann arbor . fulgeance ( jimmy edgar remix)
15-how soon is now- the smiths


Artwork made by Apple Juice Break


  1. Inko  

    the artwork is sick! G !!

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