Full Crate told me about this video a month back about it being a crazy & just basically insane, Crate I hope you guys didn't hurt yourself too much makin this! But if you did, it was worth it.. Skate skillz on top and song & video produced in a fresh & creative way. Love !

Of Nalden:
Full Crate is on a roll! The young producer slash dj is really busy these days crafting beats, blessed with soulful vocals by Mar. The other day he called me about this small project he was doing, called 80's sugar. If I would host the video and song. After I saw the video I was hooked which is the very reason you're reading this post now. I really, really love the vibe of the song in combination with the music video. It features FS Green, Mar and Full Crate himself skating like it's the eighties. Press Play to watch the video and click here to download the song! Ladida...


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    Supersweet, been playing it all day!

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