We Aint Music presents, We Aint Audio Tape 1 - Block Barley & Hysteria . A dope collection of beat to enjoy on the A-side: produced by BLOCK BARLEY (16 min.) B-side: produced by HYSTERIA (12 min.)

Note:Founded in Hamburg in 2008, WE AINT pushes the boundaries of adventurous music to establish a plattform for a diverse range of musical styles: From gritty drum loops to futuristic, synthed –up sounds. The label is run and operated by Sascha Hohn aka Block Barley and Andreas Sticken aka Hysteria from Hamburg, Germany who already released on DJ Vadims infamous Jazz Fudge recordings. Andreas was also a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle in 2005 and is since then working for the RBMA. WE AINT focusses on strictly limited vinyl releases with elaborate, handmade packaging which makes every single cover become a truly unique print. WE AINT is bringing it all back home: an analogue shakedown in a digital world.

Download We Aint Audio Tape 1 - Block Barley & Hysteria

Jungle Drums & Ahu - Walk available for purshace at hhv.de

Shouts to: Ray Knowledge


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