Two new joints from rap group 'The Niyat', off the upcomin mixtape Raxus Prime droppin tomorrow at be on the look-out for it. In productions by 'The Are' & 'Madlib' kind of gives the vibe of what these guys wan't to deliver. Peep out the two songs, Autocracy & Vendetta.

If the Niyat are new to you read the note

Niyat consists of three intities,Khalif aka (Synato Watts),D-ology aka (Dr.Mindbender),and Snap aka (ClayRed)...all been in the game since the early 90s with projects such as,(The Poetic Souls,Darkside,Plifedis,The Psyco Ward,andThe POC movment)...which never,now there together with the Niyat (intentions) bring forth good intent music to whom ever listens...the grind countinues.


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