A new joint with the wonderful - JIMIJAMES from the mixtape called 'JIMIJEEZEE' .The track featured here called 'Bitchin' is in production by the talented - Karriem Riggins! - Also peep out the So Janky Teaser/sampler now available on Itunes.

Let’s move to the future… If pop music is perfectly commercial, completely airbrushed, color corrected, and neatly packaged, with not one hair out of place— JimiJames is “Grittipop.” The visionary singer-songwriter’s authentically named brand of music is raw, uninhibited, and all inclusive. JimiJames has been challenging music industry standards since her debut album The Truth was released in 2006. The self-proclaimed “Rah Rah Girl” deliberately draws outside the lines and jumps off the page with her electrifying voice and empowering honesty.


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