A very nice mix with a excellent choice of music! In this mix, artist such as; Elaquent, Shafiq Husayne, Kev Brown, Karriem Riggins, AFTA-1, .Sa-Ra Creative Partners,Dam-Funk & many more give us that needed ear-gasm. Check out the tracklist in the comment section, this is a 1:17:34 to be exact long run time!

Word from Ill Vibes: And you thought we were done? Ha, it's been sometime since I've dropped a massive. After accumulating new sounds and reflecting on the current times, I felt it was right to drop this with you. You, the people. This music is timeless. It is life, it is deep. The sounds are provided from artists who reside from every continent which makes this a global sound. This music sounds exactly how a person would perceive the 'Future'. This playlist may just be the soundtrack to your life.......

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  1. Soulistic  

    Dimlite Intro
    01.eLAn -I Can't Breathe
    02.KenLo&VLooper - VEN-us
    03.Space Monk - tzurremix
    04.Henry From Outer Space - hfos
    05.KenLo Craqnuques - Caverne (Rose)
    06.Transit7 - Cash Croppin'
    07.devonwho - Whiteplastic()
    08.i-Sa - Clips
    09.KenLo Craqnuques - Grasmaigre (Rose)
    10.StatikMusic - AO Teknology
    11.Harrison Blakoldman - Bionik Beta
    12.Monkey Sequence 19 - Just Relax ft. blue (Sequence Remix)
    13.StatikMusic - Irie
    14.Annu - Strawberry Surf//Juice Smoke
    15.Red - I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Dam-Funk Remix)
    16.Hi-res - Savepoint
    17.Floating Points - untitled
    18.Mindesign - Butterflies (Flybutter Remix)
    19.Mfp - beat30
    20.Elaquent - Are You There (Peach)
    21.Electric Wire Hustle - Perception
    22.Shafiq Husayne - Return of Smoke On Ya
    23.KnXwl3dG3 - preservatives
    24.GB - 208 Strings
    25.Karriem Riggins - Rhodes Ahead
    26.Kev Brown - Beats N' Rhymes
    27.Jellphonic & LP - a Little Something
    28.Universal Tanaka - Still Three
    29.KenLo Craqnuques - Pelure rapbeat (Rose)
    30.Elaquent - Missing Link (Amber)
    31.Hi-res - he'lyin/Dustystar
    32.Tony Ozier - Futuristic Soul (Produced by 14KT)
    33.K15 - ThreeYearsofHeartBreak
    34.AFTA-1 - Love Suite 2
    35.Annu - She
    36.Transit7 - The Funk Is Back
    37.Shlomo - Sweatpants
    38.fitzambro$e - fluUzies
    39.Griffi - Kenyufilen
    40.KenLo&Vlooper - Pandemia2010
    41.Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Melodee N Mynor
    42.Dam-Funk - On & On
    43.Cloud. - RunitBack!
    44.Hayzee - Hayzee Teknology
    45.I.N.T. - Rush n Stop
    46.Tom Trago - Brothers of String
    47.GB - 10 in my 1974 ferrari
    48.Elaquent - Neon Glow (Turqoise)
    49.J Dilla - Unreleased
    50.Falty DL - Metacognist
    51.Dwele - Startin Somethin' (MJ Tribute)
    52.Muun x devonwho - cosma driftin
    53.k15 & LP - M.U.S.I.C.
    54.KenLo&Vlooper - Marchanddesoul
    55.Vlooper - Mercure
    56.Madlib - Unreleased
    57.Dam-Funk - Killdat aka Killdatmuthafu*ka
    58.00Genesis - twisted Towel
    59.Space Monk - Rain Flower
    60.Lilly Allen - Smile (Remix)
    61.AFTA-1 - Tyden Flyver (PHASE2)
    62.Money Sequence 19 - The Look of Love remix
    63.a.z - Hollow
    64.Radiohead Tribute - Morning Bell ft. Donn
    65.DJ Clart - Paris Tokyo (dnb remix)

  2. c.blak  

    Sitting here listening now..tracklist looks dope as a muh-fuh.

    Oh yeah, I doubt you'll get a lot of people saying it's too long with good music like this playing. PEACE.

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