Bullet the up & comin artist has caught a lot of attention lately around the blog world/internet world. VinylMeltdown just recently did an interview with Bullet read it here & get to know bullet!

With verses and wordplay void of profanity, Bullet AKA Mr.Robotic has, while taking part in his on going mission, paid close attention to the lack of substance in music today. “I want people to get from my music that I am creating pieces of art that exude longevity as opposed to a string of meaningless words that have no lasting appeal,” Bullet explains. And after releasing his debut project, Back to the Lyrics, it was apparent that the earthlings he tries so hard to satiate were impressed with his music.

Garnering press from some of the premier magazines and websites Back to the Lyrics proved that Bullet was travelling in the right direction. The Source hailed the album as ‘a solid entrĂ©e from an artist with tremendous potential’ and the project and its bonus track Earth Girls encouraged further interviews and music placements on sites such as HipHopGame,HipHopDX.com, NahRight, AllHipHop.com, and DJBooth.Net where Bullet is a firm favorite. But his enthusiasm to relay the messages he does in his music is enforced when Bullet stands centre stage.

As he orbits the earth feeding music lovers from one end of the globe to the other, these portions are only microscopic compared to what Bullet has lined up for 2009. It is this year that will see this self proclaimed Martian descend from his own stratosphere to ascend in the world of music bringing a new unique dimension.

Download the track Mr.Robotic here.


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