With a smooth vibe Nash Quest get on that chilled-out hip-hop & delivers it in a such emotional way on catchy beats. We are proud to feature Nash Quest, also check out this previous entry for Nash Quest's video 'Home Is Where The...'.
In the year of 08' Nash launched his debut album called 'Let's Take It Outside' which is available for purchase here.

Nash Quest is an Artist based out of San Diego but from Mother Earth. He came from a background of action sports, but when tragedy struck he put those ambitions behind him and focused more and more on his music. Nash began creating as far back as he can remember, his love for expression developed his love for hip-hop. He explains, "No matter who you are, where you come from, what you do, feelings are difficult to control and writing songs is a feeling that I have no control of, I just happened to find that rapping was what I loved the most. Plus, its the healthiest way to deal with certain situations in life. Every one has problems and every one struggles and sure enough there is somebody worse off than you, but if you can turn those negative situations into positive learning experiences then do so and vent! VENT! Get shit off of your chest. i believe Weakness is shown through submission and blame. Standing up for what you believe in and taking responsibility for your own actions, makes you strong. Life is an amazing thing that I look to deeply into more than often and more for my own good. That could explain the theme of almost every song I rhyme. Wondering about life is ongoing and unavoidable. Our only defense mechanism the human race was given was the mind which gave us the power to think our way out of trouble.



Nash Quest - Blue


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