11th july was the very date, Synergy EP launched. A while ago Versis collaborated with the talented producer 'Full Crate' with the song 'Make Me Laugh' & Yeah Yeah Yeah in a production by flAko!

Ever since the first time Versis was being played you could tell this were going to grow into something huge. Versis is an Emcee from Cali who recently gradueted from high school ( congrats !) Even though he's young it seems like he has been doing this for a long time! What we see now is a already great artist with the mix of that 90's jazzy hip hop & a twist of dope modern sound of futuristic hip hop.

Versis & Lucid makes a perfect match as they join forces on this Synergy EP. Both of them are young & talented,the future of these two cats can't be nothing but great. The chemistry between them feels just right & by the result of this 8 track long so called; ear-gasm journey through dope beats & fresh rhymes proves it just right, this is FRESH!

The EP itself is fully produced by the Cali based producer named Lucid, who also jumps on a song with some rhymes on the track called,Watchout. 'Synergy' brings out the best flavas of hip hop & represents it with pure justice. 'Synergy' doesn't have any room for 'OK' tracks, in fact the whole EP runs through smooth as it's being played & every track on it represent the godness of this young talent named 'Versis'.
If you havent heard the Synergy EP yet go and download the EP free here!

Versis - Fresh /Pro. Lucid


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