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Dj Rasta Root is what they called him. And for 18 years he has been spreading his interpretation of Hip Hop through out the world. Originally from Canada, Roots has traveled from the US to Europe to Japan spinnin' nothing but the hottest joints, taking elements of turntablism as well as club mixing, to bring what he calls a "styleless style". For the past 14 years, one of the founding member of Smokin' Needles Records, Dj Rasta Root has become an integral part of hiphop worldwide. He has spun Japan, Europe, Phillipines, Canada, US, and most of the Caribbean. He brings the party to any club, radio show, or live stage. He's bringing seamless mixes with a great selection coupled with a sense of the crowd he is playing for.

He currently controls the turntables and produces for the likes of A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg. Together with Phife, they run Smokin' Needles Records. Rasta Root produced the first single from Smokin' Needles in 2003 called 'U Know U Want It', which also features label affiliates Jax, Hawkeye, and Slick & Rose. Recently released in Japan, Slick & Rose's debut Japan-only release, 'Objects in the Mirror' boasts 4 superb beats by Rasta Root. Roots plans to blaze tracks for Jax, Hawkeye, Dwele, Consequence, and many many more. Of course he will be in contention for beat placement on the highly anticipated reunion album by A Tribe Called Quest.

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