1000 Names session 'Sun In Aquarius' beautiful beats, let it take you through this comsetic beat journey. Artwork by 96.

Clash & 1000 Names;

1000 Names
are part of an emerging, progressive scene in European hip-hop heavily influenced by detroit legend J Dilla. They’re also a great example of artists emerging from flourishing musical communities linked by technology. “None of this would be happening without the Internet. It would be very hard for us to do this without it. The whole interaction drives everything,” says Casio.

Interesting considering the not so distant political situation in Bulgaria. “For many years Bulgaria was a closed country, there were no shops selling western music here,” says 99 Mistakes. “We were just getting bootleg cassettes. I remember my first tape, it was Beastie Boys on one side and Run DMC on the other.”

Despite these restrictions and the lack of a defined hip-hop scene in Bulgaria, 1000 Names manage to make a unique and creative contribution to the genre. Using one of its staple tools - the MPC sampler - they explore and redefine the obscure and forgotten. “We discovered the MPC by ourselves; there was no one in Sofia really making beats like that,” says Casio. “We sample everything we find interesting. We are really inspired by experimental composers who made commercials in the ’60s and ’70s, people like Raymond Scott. These pieces are full of exciting sounds, full of life. We’re really in love with glitch sounds and toy sounds. We’ve been friends for a long time, we’ve always been interested in more outsider music and we’ve always discovered it together.”

1000 Names preview session

Download 1000 names - Sun In Aquarius Session.


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