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Apple Juice Break & the cali emcee 'Makeshift' met up for an interview. Makeshift gives us some sneaks on upcomin projects oh and a LP? Read more. Previously featured with his mixtape 'No Doze' download it for free here.

When did you decide to get in the hip-hop scene? What made you do it? Who/what are your influenses? From where did you get the name ' Makeshift'. Let the people know for those that don't know.

I've pretty much been heavily into hip hop for as long as I can remember. I started break dancing at a very young age, maybe 8 or 9 years old so I was highly influenced by that sub-culture and movies like 'Breakin' and 'Beat Street'.
I've done everything that hip hop's made up of from graffiti to MCing so I've pretty much been in the scene since a kid, this music shit is just where I've gained the most recognition.
The name Makeshift comes from the idea of using what you have to get anything done, by any means necessary. I've never had ridiculous studio equpment but what came from my means has always been levels above a lot of cats surrounding me who DO have state of the art equipment. (kids look up the definition of Makeshift if need be) haha.

'Hella Heavy' & 'No Doze' Mixtape are two of your project's so far, do you have any new projects you might give us a sneak about what's going on?

Oh most definitely, the 'No Doze' Mixtape was the kick off project for what's to come this year. I'll be droppin a free beat tape titled 'Sleepless' in the next 2 months so be on the look for that. The mixtape was dropped so listeners can focus on my lyrical content and the beat tape will be for fans to get an idea where I'm at as far as production goes; only to be followed by the complete package, my full length LP titled 'The Wake'. Oops, did I let all that info out?

Which musician/s would you like to work with? Also coming from cali like you do, there has been a bunch of upcomin' artist's such as signed and unsigned from california. Anyone in particular you look up to in your area?

Hmm, in Cali? I'd like to work with Madlib; off top! That dude's very inspirational. Um, I wana work with some banged out gangsta rap artists out here...maybe that's just how I feel today though. Damn let me put this Kurupt album on pause haha.

Europe have a pretty nice hip-hop scene these days, such as artists & producers. What do you think of Europe? Any plans on going overseas?

Europe? I want to live there, make babies there, raise my kids there, and learn every language spoken there! That's how I feel about Europe.
In all seriousness though, I can't wait to go and rock spots out there. All in time I guess right? We will see...

Makeshift - The World Knows

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