From Holland comes the flava of neu-soul/ Nu-Jazz by Ntjamrosie. Ntjamrosie music strikes through the soul, with a soft vibe mixed in a experimental flavored way.

Her music is combination of Pop,World and Jazz. Her West African roots mixed with these different influences is something really special. She first and foremost wants to touch people with her music. You don't always have to understand the lyrics to be moved by music. "A hitrecord would be nice but its not a main goal in life" Ntjamrosie said. For instance the ode to her grandmother "Bia Yon" is sung in Bulu, but the heart felt passion can burst through any language barrier.

At the moment she is taking time to write new songs for her second album, promote her current album -ATOUBA- buy here with her band and next to that she also joins several side projects as the Jamal Thomas band where she sings backingvocals and a duo with contemporary jazzpianist Harmen Fraanje. Keep an eye on this talent!

'Soul Of Music' of her latest album 'Atouba'


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