Dame Fifty'5 are one of the heads on the GAS'D ▲❍▼❏ 'Love Is Real' promo corner. Get to know this cat a little bit more.

Bringing You A Style That Blends 50's Rockabilly With Something Strait Out Of Back To The Future Dame Is Setting The Trend For Newcomers. As He Raps, His Attitude Is That Of A Young Veteran Driven For Change.

Dame Fifty5 Is Not Only A MC / Designer He Is A Symbol Of The Future. This 22 Year Old Cincinnati Native Grew Up Around Many Jazz & Rag Time Influences As A Child.

As Time Progressed Dame Started To Get Influenced By Elements Of Hip-Hop. Some Of His Biggest Influences Early On Were: Slick Rick, Wu Tang, Pharacyde, De La Soul & Mos Def.

Eventually Moving From Cincinnati To Downtown Los Angeles To Study Fashion At The Fashion Institute Of Design Merchandise. Dame Begin To Be Influenced By More Of The Indie Rock Culture. While Developing His Sound Latched To Bands Such As Interpol, TV On The Radio, Lykke Li, and even Rocka'Billy Bands.

In Turn Forced Dame To Push His Artistic Thought Process To The Max. With Time Spent At The Fashion Institute Of Design Merchandise, Working With N.I.C Productions & Marketing For His Company Stupid3ous Dorks Dame Fifty5 Intends To Bring You Amazing Music That Will Bring Him Closer To His Vision To Be The Voice Of This Generation.

Dame Fifty'5 'Fastlane' ft. Droc


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