I am proud to future this raw beatmaker that goes by the name Onra, I been listenin to his stuff for a while. Very dope stuff, with the main influence such as 'J Dilla' in his mind he creates real quality stuff. I feel in love with the 'Chinoiseries' album the first time I heard it. Mainly I loved it beacause it was different ,it was uniqe..yes thats the word. Remember and dont forget nor sleep on Onra the beatmaker from the land of Europe France/Paris.

Of the Chinoiseries;
Onra started this project in August 2006, when he got back from a trip to Viet Nam, the land of of his grandparents. As a vinyl junky, he really couldn't come back to France without bringing back some wax. After hours spent riding on a motorbike in Saigon streets, a taxi finally helped him find some old Asian records. I was feeling like an explorer discovering a forgotten treasure. Onra bought almost 30 vinyls, most of them in poor condition, went back to the crib, and started making beats with some material that he wasn't used to.

DOWNLOAD the chinoiseries

DOWNLOAD onra's PODCAST (80's Funk)


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    greeeeeeeeeeeeat love!!

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