Hailing from The City of Trees (Sacramento, CA) is a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop scene. “State Cap. blurs the line between conscious and mainstream Hip Hop. There like a main stream that flows underground,” says N*Pire (producer/emcee) It would seem that all of Sac has been swept away by the current as State Cap., along with their crew The Neighborhood Watch continue to flood venues from Folsom Blvd. to Florin Rd. In an evolving music industry that is anything but promising, State Cap. strives to make change for the betterment of a dying culture. Hip Hop. “Hip Hop isn’t that popular anymore. Rap is more popular than ever, but Hip Hop kind of fell off in the last couple years,” says C Plus, 1/4 of the collective. In attempts to restore their sacred culture, State Cap. has collaborated on a number of mix tapes and albums, the most recent being "Where is State Cap." Mixed By DJ Flow (released August 23rd, 2008.) The project features Chaundon (Justus League Crew), Uptown Swuite (City Lights), JoEl & Neighborhood Watch artists such as Dahlak, 5th Ave, Random Abiladeze , and of course; State Cap.

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(Beats By Black Milk)


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