Nikki NTU - History of dreams EP (pro MELO-X)
Wow, Wow, wow what did I just say oh yea WOW! Nikki NTU appear'd on 'mustafas renaissance'.
Here it is,her own shit prod by Melo-X. So frickin' good download.

Info:As the debut artist from Melo-X’s imprint Galax; we are proud to present Nikki Ntu. Her undeniable Hip Hop style is infused with political fervor and a spiritual self -expression heard from very few artists today. Nikki’s music is the reflection of a creative and ambitious generation of artists coming out of the Brooklyn renaissance. Working with longtime friend and fellow Brooklyn native Melo-X as her producer, Nikki hopes to deliver a new sound imbued with a new feeling to the people. With strong themes of healing, revolution and love, Nikki is birthing new concepts of female empowerment but moreover people empowerment. “My music breaks down a lot of barriers in people. The rhythms bring out emotion and the lyrics stimulate the mind as well as the heart. Those simple things have a great impact on inspiring and informing folks. And when you have a safe space to put everything on the table, healing is the only outcome.” Her debut EP “A History of Dreams” will drop in the spring of this year. A conceptual project entirely produced by Melo-X, it features 7 cinematic tracks of futuristic, yet nostalgic, rhythm and lyricism coupled in powerful emotions. Her songs take listeners on a voyage into the soul of Nikki Ntu.”


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