My friends back at The Musical schizophrenia with the Online 'The Find Magazine' got ISSUE THREE OUT check it out!

Kero one: 'I am an early believer', Speech (Arrested Development): 'We are the change we want to see', Sabzi (Blue Scholars/Common Market): 'I definitely thought about doing a solo record'.
Featured Artists: The Roots, Black Milk, Sabzi, J Dilla, Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), Kero One, AmpLive (Zion I), Jake One, Speech & way more.
Articles: Vinyl: we're still diggin' in the crates, Mainstream; a rapper's main dream?, Tupac: overrated or underrated?, Battle of the Beats: DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock, Africa: word from the motherland, Hip Hop and Materialism & more.
Reviews: Kero One - Early Believers, The Eternal Top 10, Time Slip: Hip Hop from 1989-2009 & more.

The download is only 3 MB, so why not download/read it?



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