Fav flava is out today! Im really exictied about this, since im a big fan of ERIK L and his mad talented gift to always drop ill beats & Strays beautiful vocals, which in this world is very rare! Stray rules the nu-soul scene in sweden right now along with Kissey! If ur curious about more godness out of
europe/sweden you shouldn't sleep on this release. I give it 5 /5 applesjuice, beacuse this LP represent all my flavors!
If there is one thing the world (and particularly the music business) needs right now, it is people that have the courage to challenge stereotypes. The duo Favorite Flava from Sweden has the intention to do just that and they are determined to get their message out. Favorite Flava's work is groundbreaking, blending influences like Miles Davis, Detroit hip hop and the Nordic folk/jazz music tra
dition. This is drum heavy soul music played straight from the heart with a generous amount of earthy rawness and analog electronics. On top of that a unique tonal language going back to the classical Nordic composers via Swedish folk music to jazz legends Jan Johansson and Lars Gullin. Favorite Flava consists of two individuals: Erik L (Erik Lidén), producer and multi-instrumentalist & Stray(Mattias Axelsson), drummer, producer and singer, has recently released his critically acclaimed album Here To Stray along with a 12” and 7” single, also involved in this project with Paul Mc Innes,Hannah & Caroline. So if you're ready to challenge your perspective on the arts and music check out Favorite Flava. They will raise the hair on your skin.

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  1. Anonymous  

    GREAT MUSIC!!!!!

  2. stray  

    hey, checkin the blog continously and it´s fresh! thanks for the kind words about our music, the album is now out in various download stores such as iTunes, junodownload, bagpak.net, amazon... dont sleep folks!! :) straY

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