O-PHRAP sent me this piece of greatness today...actually i've heard of it before but haven't checked it out til now. Im glad that I finally did. Now it's late and after midnight. Simply this is just what I needed to put me in the right mood for the night.

By the way. be on the look-out for O-PHRAP & Apple Juice Breaks's mixtape - COOKIES AND APPLE JUICE.(ha!) drops in the near future.

After Midnight. Concept is fairly simple. Laidback vibes. Nighttime music. “play dis only atnight”. Something about the nighttime induces different feelings and emotions than the daytime. Jazzy. Soulful. Didnt want to get too left field with it. Want yall to listen to it before sleepytime. Had to incorporate a lo-fi, live type of feeling that lots of music today doesnt have...of course the shit gotta swing. If some of the drums sound off-beat...your senses arent lying, it is. Like I sed in my in colour vol 2 liner notes...perfect is boring. Feel the vibe and the grooves. Sometimes I dont wanna go to the club. Sometimes I wanna just vibe out and shoot some pool, or just relax. People nowadays are afraid to relax. So, if you havent caught the idea...musically, I wanted to tell a story...12am until 7am....so having said that, enjoy....if possible, play it only at night. Haha.



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