So I got this in my inbox someday ago from 'Beatwize', to be honest this is a great project indeed its a hella good mix so go and check this one out. I actually liked this better then mickboogies project. Don't miss out show support and download this right about.....NOW

Word from Beatwize: This album was inspired by Viva La Hova, a mixtape done a few months back by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. I decided that I wanted to make my own version because I felt that Coldplay was too much in the background. You’ll see more Coldplay on this album than that one. A special thanks to those two and all those that helped make that album.

Download IT
1. El Bis (The Encore)
2. Fallin’ & Broken

3. Izzo (Clock’s Tickin’)

4. High Speed Threats

5. Moment with the Scientist

6. Politikal Takeover

7. Praying for the Lost

8. American Dream (The Fix)

9. Crying in Place

10. December 4th (Everything)

11. No Daylight

12. Allure (The Warning)


  1. Beatwize  

    Thanks for the feature!! Anyone who downloads this - let me know what you think! And hit the fanpage at WWW.BEATWIZEMUSIC.TK !! Any questions, comments, or just want to get in contact? -- BEATWIZE@GMAIL.COM !!

    Thanks to AppleJuiceBlog and all the fans and listeners. Enjoy!

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