Dope fantasic music from Lausanne, Vaud Schweiz check this out. If you're a fan of Jazz Libratorz ,you might like this.

« In the beginning there was jazz ». If there was a book of Genesis to the world that Kronos & Rize invite us to, it could very well begin in this way. They take us on a journey through the vibrant twists and turns of Milt Jackson or Gary Burton, the sweet notes of Ahmad Jamal or Bob James, and distinct beats of Max Roach. If in the beginning there was jazz, our “revelations” would definitely be Orjazzm. With musical orgasm as sole ambition, our two producers found all of the energy they needed to create a deliciously rich and diverse album. There is, on one hand, the obvious influence of seventies Afro-American music, with jazz, soul and funk as primary resource and on the other a more contemporary element: hip hop. It is from the latter that Kronos & Rize draw their ideology and technical know-how, based on the art of hybridizing and fusion. Following in the steps of master craftsmen such as Jay Dee, Pete Rock or DJ Spinna, our two producers have turned their samplers into real pleasure-machines.

Orjazzm is an experimental fusion between hip hop and jazz that enticingly invites us to relax and enjoy tigerlily’s nu-soul, to bob our heads to Nostra’s and Phil the Ill Lyricist’s (Japrazz) sharp verses for the Swiss side on collaborations. Where as on the American side, we are immediately engrossed by Main Flow’s metrical precision, Insight’s stunning flow, and Digable Planets’ Cee Know the Doodlebug lyrical whims.

We give you a special Free download of the song A Clean Dose - Doodlebug, P-Able of the 'ORJAZZM' album.




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