Hoodie Allen is a New York based hip hop duo made up of Steve Witz and Obey City.

In the very year of 09' Hoodie Allen
released their EP ' Bagels and Beats '. I've been listenin to Hoodie Allen for awhile and been bumpin the 'Back to the 50's' track back and forth for month's.
After being amazed how talented this guys are, I later on checked out their new EP 'Bagels and Beats' and WOW what a piece of work! I just love these two guys! Hoodie Allen can be described as a modern twist of hip hop with the old school flavor in the backpack, super crispy! These guy's are really down to earth which you hear by the lyrics they be spittin'.Obey City's beats are really dope and every track on the 'Bagels And Beats EP' are dope! Steve Witz and Obey City makes a perfect match! Hoodie Allens next work will be a free full length mixtape which im really looking forward to!

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You can listen to all tracks from ' Bagels and Beats EP' at Hoodie Allen's myspace


  1. markeith504  

    EP IS DOPE! POINT BLANK PER-I-OD (C)PHONTE fav track is gotta be

    "run and gun on you call me timmy tebow, steve witz leggo my eggo let go my ego, ya girlfriend j.j. reddick she be given me that freethrow" anticipating that mixtape for the summer

  2. Anonymous  

    I love hoodie allen

  3. Lawrence August  

    Hoodie Allen is OFFICIAL.


    my favorite people in the world!!!!!

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